About Us


Specialist Behaviour Support Services (SBSS) are professionals in supporting complex clients within complex systems.With a combined 36 years' worth of experience, our clinicians provide the highest level of professional skill and practice in creating positive outcomes. This is achieved through our partnership, commitment, practice, responsiveness, and understanding- 

Our partnership with yourself. 

Our commitment to provide the highest quality of service to clients. 

Our practice methods, which are built upon respect for multidisciplinary input, personal integrity, and evidence-based decision making.

Our responsiveness to the needs of the person and any others that may be impacted by the person and/or the nature of our service delivery.

Our understanding that behaviours are functional and adaptive in meeting a person's need


Sensory Strategies for Classroom Regulation

This book provides practical classroom-based sensory activities that are fun, calming and de-escalating for students. This resource provides educators with the knowledge and strategies about the somatosensory system that include:

  • An overview of our how our brain perceives a variety of sensory input
  • Behaviours frequently seen when perceptual difficulties are experienced in each system
  • Ideas for calming sensory input, and
  • A range of activities that can be done in the classroom to engage and de-escalate learners through sensory perception